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Foundation Center’s Online Proposal Writing Course

Self-Paced eLearning

Learn How to Craft a Competitive Proposal

Have you been tasked with writing a grant proposal but don’t know where to start and can’t get away for an in-person class? Foundation Center’s Online Proposal Writing Course lets you learn at your own pace on your computer or mobile device.

Completely online and self-directed, this course puts you in charge of your own learning as you move through 15 lessons covering all aspects of proposal writing. We’ll give you plenty of guidance along the way with examples, worksheets, and templates to get you on your way to writing that proposal. You’ll have three months from the date of purchase to access the course, time you can use to complete the course at your own convenience and at your own pace!

CFRE Education Points: 12


Foundation Center’s Online Proposal Writing Course will help you master the art of proposal writing step-by-step. Learn about the complete proposal package, from the cover letter to the conclusion and everything in-between, including online application forms. In addition to critiques of proposal examples, the course features a case study tracing the evolution of a proposal from start to finish. Upon completion, you’ll have the knowledge to:

  • Create a comprehensive and competitive proposal package
  • Turn your proposal into a letter of inquiry (LOI)
  • Adapt your proposal for submitting online
  • Identify red flags in your proposal from a funder’s perspective

Foundation Center’s Online Proposal Writing Course includes 15 detailed lessons:

Lesson 1: Setting the Stage for Your Awesome Proposal
Lesson 2: Statement of need — What is it?
Lesson 3: Statement of need — Describing the need and documenting your facts
Lesson 4: Statement of need — How to write it
Lesson 5: Project description — Goals & Outcomes
Lesson 6: Project description — How, what, when, where, and who
Lesson 7: Project description — Evaluating success and the sustainability question
Lesson 8: So tell us about yourself (a.k.a. Organizational information)
Lesson 9: Time to Wrap it Up! Proposal Conclusion
Lesson 10: Show Me the Money — Budget overview
Lesson 11: Crafting the Executive Summary
Lesson 12: Tie it up with a bow (a.k.a. Packaging your proposal)
Lesson 13: Tailoring the base proposal — Letter of inquiry
Lesson 14: Tailoring the base proposal — Online applications
Lesson 15: You made it! Course recap and conclusion
Intended Audience (Note: No experience required or assumed):

  • Nonprofit grantseekers who want to build their skills in proposal writing
  • Individuals who want to begin a career as a proposal writer
  • Consultants who want to expand their services to include proposal writing

How it works:

Within one business day of your registration, you will be enrolled in Foundation Center’s Online Proposal Writing Course and receive an e-mail with a link to create your online account at our eLearning platform, Bridge.

Bridge is mobile- and desktop-friendly and only requires a web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, or the latest version of Internet Explorer). Visit Bridge for more information on technical requirements and navigating through the course. You will have access to the course for 90 days after course enrollment.

Classroom Training

Our classroom training options can help you get:

SMARTER about proposal writing, proposal budgeting, and grantmaker relationships.

MORE CREATIVE in your approach to fundraising.

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